A Tutorial on How to Use HUDL

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Make sure you advise Art Kasak or Joe Fritisch of the following information:

  • The day you are working
  • The level you are working
  • The Home Team (and location if not at home)
  • The Away Team

If you want to send your schedule on a week by week basis, that is fine but try to get it to them before your game happens so they can request the film for you. Teams have responded within minutes of a request.

Don’t be shy about sending me your entire schedule.  Do request sophomore or freshman games.  We can get those.

Only members of the AOA get film through this system.

Basketball Meetings – Schedule of Topics

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Thursday October 5:
Jeff Rutledge will go over new Rules and Mechanics for the up coming basketball season
Greg Hartziem – Will discuss the Mentor Program

Thursday October 12:
Mark Cladis – Will discuss Taxes and Liability
Craig Davelis – Mentor Program

Thursday October 19:
Joe Spagnolo – Video 50 plays in 30 minutes
Bob Copas – Mentor Discussion

Thursday October 26:
Joe Spagnolo – Observing Illegal Activity
Art Kasak – Mentor Program

WEDNESDAY November 1:
Part 1 Rules test
Level 2 official Jeff Rutledge – Video Review
Level 1 officials Tim Loughnane – Working with Assignors
John Marino – Mentor Program

Thursday November 9:
Harry Bohn
Sal Vata – Mentor Program


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9/28/15 – As a new official I walked into the locker room for a game and found out I was working with a two-time state finals ref. After a good pregame, I was confident that he would be able to get us out of any trouble that happened during the game. There were two important plays that were in between us that I let go, because I thought that he should make “the big calls.” It turns out I had much better looks at both plays and should have gotten them. I was hurting the crew because I did not cover my area or help out when my partner needed me. If you find yourself as the more experienced partner, let your partners know that you need them to cover their area and call their game. They should be comfortable and confident to make the big calls.

Tip of the Week – Legal Play or Backcourt Violation?

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9/21/15 – Player A1 brings the ball into his frontcourt and into a defensive trap in the corner of the sideline and division line.  A1 picks up the ball and sends a bounce pass to his teammate standing with both feet in their frontcourt.  A1’s pass bounces once in the back court before A2 catches it.  Legal or violation?

Tip of the Week – Injury During Play

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2015-09-14 – Have a player injured during play in a game? Be aware that you need to put the players’ safety at the highest priority. You may stop the clock and suspend play when the ball is dead, when the injured player’s team is in control, or when the opponents complete a play. By definition a play is completed if the team loses control, which includes attempting a shot. Also, if the opponents stop trying to score or advance the ball, stop the play. If it is necessary to protect an injured player, you may immediately stop the clock. (Rule 5.8.2 Note)

Basketball Meeting Schedule

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York High School
355 W. St. Charles Rd, Elmhurst 60126

Enter Building through the “Academic Entrance” near the Flag Pole.
Room is on the second Floor A290.

Meeting dates 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/4 (wed), 11/12.

Week 1 (Thursday 10/8/2015 @ 7:30-9:00 PM):

POTW – Craig Davelis
Tech Tip – Craig Davelis
AOA Introductions, meeting dates, Dues, Apparel information. Craig Davelis and Tim Loughnane
Points of Emphasis – Sal Vasta
Mentor Program – Greg Hartzheim
Closing – Craig Davelis

Week 2 (Thursday 10/15/2015 @ 7:30-9:00 PM):
Team Control vs. Player Control. Status of the ball
Mentor Program follow-up.

Week 3 (Thursday 10/22/2015 @ 7:30-9:00 PM):
Rule 4…Why definitions are so important.

Week 4 (Thursday 10/29/2015 @ 7:30-9:00 PM):
Fighting…How to handle it.

Week 5 (Wednesday 11/4/2015 @ 7:30-9:00 PM):
Tips for New officials with Signal Mechanics
Advanced Data trends in officiating.  When to Blow your whistle.  Advanced signal mechanics.

Week 6 (Thursday 11/12/2015 @ 7:30-9:00 PM):
Live ball vs. Dead Ball, What you need to be aware of and why.

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