NASO Membership

The AOA is pleased to offer all division members an opportunity to join the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) for the group discounted one-year membership price of $92. This is more than a 25% discount over the NASO one-year individual membership of $124.

NASO offers many membership benefits including liability insurance. Clink on this link to see 13 Reasons To Join NASO.

Please note that NASO membership is not required for AOA membership, and AOA Division dues do not include NASO membership.

By joining as a group NASO offers AOA members a reduced membership fee.

To take advantage of this offer you must fill in the information below along with your payment of $92 NO LATER THAN JUNE 18, 2024. Your membership is tax deductible.

IMPORTANT!! If you already are a NASO Member and have paid your membership fee to NASO you must properly check your member status below.

Fill out my online form.


Q. Can I take advantage of the group discount without being a member of AOA?

A. No. The Group Discount requires membership in the AOA as recorded by the Division Secretary-Treasurers.

Q. Am I required to join NASO to be a member of AOA?

A. No. AOA has worked with NASO to provide a reduced fee to those AOA members who would like to receive NASO benefits.

Q. Does my payment for NASO Membership also cover my AOA Dues?

A. No. You will still need to pay your Division dues by the deadline established by each AOA Division.

Q. My email address changed and I did not receive the AOA message about the offer. Will I be able to take advantage of the offer when I attend my first AOA Division meeting?

A. No. NASO provides a discount to Local Official Associations that have their members join as a group. The AOA Board has determined that an appropriate time for collecting fees from interested members would be prior to the school year. Once the information is submitted, the next opportunity for AOA to participate as a group will be one year after the original submission. All members of record at that time will be notified with the information on file about joining or renewing with NASO.

Q. I am already a NASO member. Will NASO convert my membership automatically to receive this discount?

A. All interested members will submit payment of $92 to AOA. AOA will submit a check for all interested members to NASO. The information you provide on the AOA website will be sent to NASO. If the information matches a current subscription that was not done through AOA, NASO will prorate your existing membership and issue a credit/refund for any unused months.

Q. Will NASO send me a renewal notice next year?

A. No. NASO will notify AOA. AOA will contact all members at renewal time. AOA must provide your information to NASO to receive the discount. Going forward you will be notified by AOA when your renewal is due.