The next pre-season meeting of the Athletic Officials Association basketball division will be held on Zoom on Thursday, October 29.  Check-in runs from 6:35 to 6:55 p.m. and the presentations start promptly at 7:00 p.m.   Members will receive their Zoom Access Code each week via email.


Thursday, October 29
700 – Welcome
705 – Presentation 1: Equity In Officiating, Joe Spagnolo
725 – Presentation 2: Focus on the Rules – Rule 7: Out of Bounds and the Throw-In
745 – Presentation 3: Unwritten Rules of Basketball, Mark Siekierski
810 – Meet The Assigner: Mark Siekierski, Upstate Eight Conference
820 – Plays of the Week
825 – Announcements
830 – New Officials Workshop 101

Mini-Session Synopsis

Mini-Session # 1: “Equity in Officiating”
A subject that is seldom discussed, but essentially important, is how the perception of fairness and bias comes in to play with the game participants.  Equity issues not only relate to the coach-official relationship but also include how inequities exist between game officials.

Mini Session # 2: “Focus on the Rules – Rule 7 – “Out of Bounds & the Throw-In”
As it frequently happens throughout the game, the status of inbounds and out of bounds along with the procedures of throw-in administration and throw-in violations must be administered properly.  This pre-season review should allow all officials to master this section of the rules book.

Mini-Session # 3: “Unwritten Rules of Basketball”
IHSA basketball clinician and three-time state final official Mark Siekierski covers this subject.  Although the rules book and case book cover most of the regulations, the everyday unwritten rules of basketball must be followed to properly adjudicate the rules of the game.

AOA Basketball Video Play of the Week:
A held ball occurs on the court and the ball is awarded to Team A per the alternate possession arrow. On the subsequent throw-in, defensive player B1 kicks the inbounds pass. Team A then completes the throw-in. Which team will receive the ball on the next alternate possession situation? 

AOA Basketball Case Book Play of the Week:   B1 fouls airborne A1 who is in the act of shooting. Before airborne shooter A1 returns one foot to the floor, he/she is fouled by B2 who has moved into A1’s landing area. Neither foul is intentional or flagrant.  What happens if the shot is not good?  What happens if the shot goes in?