The next pre-season meeting of the Athletic Officials Association basketball division will be held on Zoom on Thursday, November 5.  Check-in runs from 6:35 to 6:55 p.m. and the presentations start promptly at 7:00 p.m.   Members in good standing will receive their Zoom Access Code each week via email.
Thursday, November 5
700 – Welcome
705 – Presentation 1: IHSA Part 1 Rules Exam Review
725 – Presentation 2: Focus on the Rules – Rule 8: Free Throw
745 – Presentation 3: Tim Loughnane, Game Management
810 – Meet The Assigner: Rich Parsons, Northeastern Athletic Conference
820 – Plays of the Week
825 – Announcements
830 – New Officials Workshop 101

Mini-Session Synopsis

Mini-Session # 1: “Part 1 Rules Exam Review”
A review of the Part 1 Rules Examination is presented.

Mini Session # 2: “Focus on the Rules – Rule 8 – “Free Throw”
The basics of the free throw rule are presented.  Topics covered include Free Throw Administration, Mechanics and Violations.

Mini-Session # 3: “Game Management”
Although Rules Knowledge and Mechanics are essential for success in officiating, there are many times where a mastery of game management skills can make or break your performance.  Tim Loughnane will review game management techniques, what to look for and how to assess them. 

Casebook Play of the Week # 1:  B1, in a marked lane space, enters the lane prematurely. The administering official properly signals the violation and A1 attempts the free throw. However, A1’s attempt does not enter the basket or touch the ring. Is there a violation on this play? 

Casebook Play of the Week # 2:  A1 is fouled but erroneously is not awarded two free throws even though the automatic bonus is in effect. Team A is given a throw-in, and A1 inbounds the ball to A2 who is tied up by B1 resulting in a held-ball situation. The error is discovered following the held-ball call. The possession arrow is pointing to B’s basket. How can we correct this situation?