2019 AOA Football Division meetings will kick-off July 25th 7:00pm at Fenton High School Auditorium.

Speaker Schedule for 2019 Season

July 25       Video Review                Jeff Conrad (state final official)
August 1   Officiating Mechanics    Robert Ybarra (state final official)
August 8    Tools of the Trade         Chuck Graber (state final official)
August 15  Working the Wings        Sal Vasta (state final official)
August 22  Penalty Enforcement     Ted Lepucki (state final official)
August 29*  Using HUDL Effectively Tim Loughnane (state final official)
> at Salt Creek Golf Club in Wood Dale

Once the Part 1 Test is released by the IHSA we will review it at our meetings.

AOA meetings qualify for a Level 2 clinic if you attend at least four of the six scheduled meetings AND pay the clinic fee. The clinic fee is included in the annual football membership registration, for new AOA football members the clinic fee is $40 for multi-sport AOA members and  $50 for AOA football only members.