The next pre-season meeting of the Athletic Officials Association basketball division will be held on Zoom on Thursday, October 22.  Check-in runs from 6:35 to 6:55 p.m. and the presentations start promptly at 7:00 p.m.   Members will receive their Zoom Access Code each week via email. 

Thursday, October 22
700 – Welcome
705 – Presentation 1: Flagrant Fouls vs. Intentional Fouls, Darrin Sortor
725 – Presentation 2: Focus on the Rules – Rule 6: Live Ball and Dead Ball
745 – Presentation 3: So You Think That’s A Travel, Joe Spagnolo
810 – Meet The Assigner: Jeff Schwarz, Central Suburban, Metro Suburban, North Suburban Conferences
820 – Plays of the Week
825 – Announcements
830 – New Officials Workshop 101

Mini-Session Synopsis

Mini-Session # 1: “Flagrant Fouls vs. Intentional Fouls”
IHSA Rules Interpreter Darrin Sortor reviews one of this year’s NFHS Points of Emphasis in deciphering Flagrant and Intentional Fouls.  There are unique distinctions between the two and these tenents must be properly called as games become more physical and strategic fouling takes place.

Mini Session # 2: “Focus on the Rules – Rule 6 – Live Ball and Dead Ball”
The action that happens most frequently in a basketball game – changes between live and dead balls is reviewed.  The are only three things that make a ball live but several that change its status to dead.  The facts and myths of live balls and dead balls will also be discussed.

Mini-Session # 3: “So You Think That’s A Travel”
Joe Spagnolo presents a review of crossover dribbles, spin moves, jump stops and Euro-steps.  The reasons and concepts of why traveling frequently is called incorrect is also examined in the video-rich presentation.

AOA Basketball Video Play of the Week:
The defender and screener make contact.  Is there a foul on this play?  If so, who is the foul on?  Does the basket count?  If free throws are to be shot, who shoots them?

AOA Basketball Case Book Play of the Week:   The third quarter ends; as the teams are heading to their respective benches, team members A1 and B1 verbally taunt one another. How are these penalties assessed?