The next pre-season meeting of the Athletic Officials Association basketball division will be held on Zoom on Thursday, October 15.  Check-in runs from 6:35 to 6:55 p.m. and the presentations start promptly at 7:00 p.m.   Members will receive their Zoom Access Code each week via email. 


Thursday, October 15
700 – Welcome
705 – Presentation 1: Sam Knox, Illinois High School Association
725 – Presentation 2: Focus on the Rules – Rule 10: Fouls & Penalties
745 – Presentation 3: Contact and Foul Calling Basics, Joe Spagnolo
810 – Meet The Assigner: Joe Ewers, Illinois Central Eight & River Valley Conferences
820 – Plays of the Week
825 – Announcements
830 – New Officials Workshop 101

Mini-Session Synopsis

Mini-Session # 1: “Sam Knox, Illinois High School Association”
Illinois High School Association Assistant Executive Director Sam Knox will speak about officiating throughout the state.  He has served the IHSA in this role since 2015 and has been a licensed basketball official for the past twenty years.

Mini Session # 2: “Focus on the Rules – Rule 10 – Fouls & Penalties”
The essentials of Rule 10 and an overview of contact, fighting and technical fouls will be presented.  The automatic foul occurrences, concepts of the different types of contact and penalty assessment fundamentals will be highlighted.

Mini-Session # 3: “Contact and Foul Calling Basics”
Joe Spagnolo presents video reviews of the different types of contact, incidental and excessive contact, the concepts of Rhythm, Speed, Balance, Quickness; Freedom of Movement and Legal Guarding Position.

AOA Basketball Video Play of the Week:
Watch the video in its entirety. Does the contact during the throw-in warrant a foul and if so, on which player?  Why should free throws be shot in this scenario?  Is this the correct call if the player absorbing the contact did not have inbounds status?

AOA Basketball Case Book Play of the Week:
Since it is a violation for thrower A1 to throw the ball directly into the basket from out of bounds, what happens if B1 touches the throw-in pass while the ball is in the cylinder above A’s basket?