Meetings Begin July 26, 2018 7:00PM at Fenton High School in Bensenville

Jul 26        Introductions Sideline Management – Craig Reges & Paul Tanzillo
Aug 2        Pass Interference – Tim Loughnane
Aug 9        Pre-Game Warm Up and Stretches – Ursula Dams, Asst. Dir. Of Gottlieb Center of Fitness
Aug 16      Difficult situations/professionalism – Octavio Herrera/Jim Schwarz/Marv Dampeer/Dave Butts/Tim Kiefer
Aug 23      Personal fouls/USC – Octavio Herrera & Jeff Conrad
Aug 30*   Crew relations with coach and school – Ralph Kubek

Aug 30th meeting at Salt Creek Golf Club at 1051 North Prospect Avenue Wood Dale right next door to Top Golf on Prospect Avenue. Appetizers served at 7:15

Attending 4 of the 6 meetings will make you eligible to vote and hold office; you must also pay clinic fees to receive Level 2 Clinic Credit.